2021 Beginner Meeting!

2020 changed so much. It's almost been an entire year since we had our last meeting in person, and we were lucky to have the ability to finish our 2020 beginner class with a virtual field day.

We considered doing a 2021 beginner class virtually, but becuase so many virtual classes already exist, we did not see the value in reinventing the wheel, spending 2 hours a week reviewing slides online. 

So, instead, this year we are going to try something new, which we hope works out even better than before. We're holding twice monthly beginner meetings starting February 22nd.

The meetings will be about 1 to 2 hours, every two weeks, and will follow a basic cirriculum which will be available in a few days. Topics will include :

  • Do I really want to become a beekeeper? (The challenges and rewards of keeping bees)
  • What are the state and local regulations? 
  • What equipment do I really need? 
  • Where can I get bees?
  • What happens when I open a beehive?
  • Taking care of your first beehives.
  • Basic biology.
  • Diseases, their identification and prevention.

This meeting is intended to augment one of the existing online classes and provide a forum for discussion. Completion of the Penn State, Cornell, or equivalent online class before the March meeting is expected. These classes are a few hours long, and can be easily completed in a few evenings. 

Beyond covering the basic tasks of getting equipment, locating bees, and setting up a hive, the meetings will continue into the summer as a regular check-in so that we can share observations and answer questions as the season progresses. 

If you're interested, please register for the beginner meeting at https://fairfaxbees.org/_registration 

There is no fee for the meeting, but please also register as a club member.