2021 Beginner Meeting!

The meetings are about 1 to 2 hours, every two weeks, and will follow a basic curiculum including:

  • Do I really want to become a beekeeper? (The challenges and rewards of keeping bees)
  • What are the state and local regulations? 
  • What equipment do I really need? 
  • Where can I get bees?
  • What happens when I open a beehive?
  • Taking care of your first beehives.
  • Basic biology.
  • Diseases, their identification and prevention.

This meeting is intended to augment one of the existing online classes and provide a forum for discussion. Completion of the Penn State, Cornell, or equivalent online class before attending meetings is expected. These classes are a few hours long, and can be easily completed in a few evenings. 

Beyond covering the basic tasks of getting equipment, locating bees, and setting up a hive, the meetings will continue into the summer as a regular check-in so that we can share observations and answer questions as the season progresses. 

If you're interested, please register for the beginner meeting at https://fairfaxbees.org/_registration 

There is no fee for the meeting, but please also register as a club member.