Our Spring 2019 Beginners Beekeeping Class is Underway!

We have a full class of eager new beekeepers-

This class is perfectly timed to launch beginning beekeepers in to their first, rewarding venture in to beekeeping.  Besides the advantage of focused education content, this class will get participants their first hands-on acquaintance with managing bees through a field event at the end of the class.  Each participant will leave the class with a wealth of information and resources - as well as an assigned mentor to continue the knowledge transfer. 

We have held one class per year for the past 3 years. We've had interest in having a second or later class, but have not had enough interest to plan a second or midyear class. If you are interested, please email us to let us know so we may consider arranging a mid year or second class.

And even when the classes end, the education and mentorship continues through monthly Fairfax Beekeepers club meetings.  Our club engages in open format discussion at meetings where beekeepers of various experience levels can ask questions or share their insights. We often have practical exercises, guest speakers, and seasonal bee management topics to support beekeeping awareness and practical knowledge. We also arrange mentor relationships between new and experienced beekeepers to help share knowledge.

If you are purely interested, new to beekeeping, or even an experienced veteran, come to our meetings or reach out to the club and we will do whatever we can to help with your education.