February Monthly Meeting - Postponed to February 15th

This month we're going to talk about prepping for splits and basic split techniques, how to read dead outs (lots of people, sadly, are losing hives during this time), and preparing for the Spring honey flow.

Please make sure your hives still have adequate food stores.  It's completely safe to gently pull the inner cover off and inspect the location of the cluster to see how much capped honey the cluster is in contact with (You can see capped honey without removing frames - a flashlight may help.). Try not to linger, but also take a peek at the underside of the inner cover to see if there's any significant moisture build up.

Continue to make sure you have exposed top ventilation in the hives.  If you haven't done that by now this winter, you would likely have experienced hives sufficate in the recent snow storms when bottom entrances were snowed shut.

See you on the 15th!