June Club Meeting - Guest Speaker from DC Homebrew Club

We'll still be virtual...learning about turning honey in to mead!

One of the things we can do with our surplus honey is make mead!  Mead isn't a sticky sweet drink that you drink in a goblet only at Renaissance festivals. Our knowledge of mead does owe a lot to the SCA and Renaissance groups, but that's not where it ends. Mead making falls into the wine making side of brewing and mead can go from dry to sweet and everywhere in between as much as any white wine. 

Many members have expressed an interest in mead making, and a new club member recommended that Martin Doczka, an experienced brewer and past president of DC Home Brewers (http://blog.dchomebrewers.com/), speak to us about making mead. 

So this Monday at 7, we'll get together on Zoom and learn about mead making. Martin will talk about the history of mead, the fundamentals of mead making, and best practices for making the best meads.

Meeting details will be sent out via email prior to the meeting.