Queen Rearing - Discussion from our July 12th Meeting

At our July 12th (rescheduled) meeting, Nate Muller presented a step-by-step instruction in queen rearing.  We've all been there - either a sudden need to requeen or a driving need to expand our apiaries.  Learning to develop and maintain an inventory of new queens is an important skill we should all learn.  We can't post Nate's presentation (yet!), but here is a link that will walk you through the same process he uses.  


There are also reference books in our club library (check out the "inventory" located left panel of our "Resources" page.  Nate highly recommends the book that accompanies Martha Spivak's queen rearing short course (Successful Queen Rearing: Short Course (Revised 2006 Edition), By Marla Spivak and Gary Reuter).