2019 Club Registration

Club Board Elections

Thank You to Our Board Members for Committing to Another Year of Service

At our January meeting, we unanimously elected our board members for 2019.   Thank you all for your leadership of the club and for continuing to  serve!

President: Nate Muller        Vice President: Wendy Meeusen

Secretary:  Jane Harding      Treasurer: Raul Puertas

At Large:  Anna Freska

2019 Beekeeping Class

2019 Beekeeping Class




Tuesday evening class: 7-9 pm at South Lakes High School (11400 South Lakes Dr, Reston, VA) starts Feb 5, 2019. Teacher: Nathaniel Muller, President, Fairfax Beekeepers.


Nate Muller: nmullerbees@gmail.com (571-245-2311)


Starting Feb 5, every Tuesday evening from 7pm - 9pm for 8 weeks (1 extra week is scheduled for potential school closings.).

The Class is 7 weeks long and approximately 2 hours per class (a couple may take a little longer). Before your bees arrive, there is also a hands-on field day at an apiary where you will become comfortable handling honey bees.

You’ll get 3 textbooks and a USB drive containing tips of the trade. Your first year's membership in the club is also included. A family member or friend is welcome to attend without additional cost, but you’ll have to share books and materials.


Classes cover :

  1. Bee biology and sociology.
  2. Proper location for a bee hive
  3. Types of hives, vendors, and purchasing equipment
  4. Installing bee packages or nuc hives.
  5. Spring, summer, fall and winter management.
  6. Identifying, preventing, and managing disease and pests.
  7. Products from the hive, including honey, wax, propolis, and pollen.
  8. Other topics to ensure the success of a new beekeeper.

The beginning beekeeping class is designed to get you everything needed for your first year of beekeeping. We will help you order the equipment best suited to your needs (we do not endorse or receive any compensation from any vendors) and also make sure that you have bees at the start of the season as well as a mentor to help guide you through the process.

We look forward to starting class in February!


If you missed our registration, there are other learning opportunities in our area.  Please check with NVBA for their NVBA-Beginning Beekeeping Class scheduled for February - March: NVBA Beginning Beekeeping February Class.  Or you can contact Loudon Beekeepers Association to join their February class: Loudon Beekeepers Beginning Beekeeping Class.  


About Our Club

Fairfax Beekeepers

Fairfax Beekeepers is a group of beekeepers mainly from northern and western Fairfax County that meet monthly to promote responsible honey bee keeping in our urban and suburban environment.

Our goal is to maintain a local group of beekeepers, both new and experienced, that can assist each other in continuing their education. Experienced beekeepers mentor new ones; we share resources including honey extractors, equipment, bees, queens; and encourage each other to grow as beekeepers.

Most of our members are from Reston, Herndon, Great Falls, Sterling, Chantilly, Centreville, Vienna, and Oakton. We mix meetings of open discussion with guest speakers and demonstrations that focus on hive health and management. Our members often contribute volunteer time to local outreach endeavors, as well as the 4-H Bee Club.

As a small group, our focus is primarily on individual beekeepers supporting each other.  However, if you want more involvement in the NOVA beekeeping community, there are other larger organizations in the area that are listed on our Resources page. Many of our members are members of those organizations, as well. Please check them out; these larger clubs offer excellent speakers, educational opportunities, and a significant amount of community outreach.

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Monthly Meeting Information

Fairfax Beekeepers meets the second Monday each month. Meetings are open to the public and involve open discussion about beekeeping and hive management. Members can discuss problems they've had, exchange ideas and observations, and support each other as fellow beekeepers.


Board of Directors

Board of Directors

President: Nate Muller       Vice President:  Wendy Meeusen

Secretary:  Jane Harding      Treasurer: Raul Puertas

At Large:  Anna Freska

Contact Information

Contact Us

For general information: info@fairfaxbees.org

Contact club president: president@fairfaxbees.org

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