Honey Labeling Requirements

The following links provide specific information on honey labeling requirements:

The Beecorp Honey Label Info

VDACS Honey Labeling Info

Also, this article from the March 2016 issue of Bee Culture Magazine is useful, if you include the author's updated notes provided here.

"The Nutrition Label has been changed. You would have to find the new one from equipment suppliers or from R. M. Farms who sells honey labels.

You can also open up the National Honey Board website at www.honey.com  then go to Industry then Regulation then Honey Labeling.

You should also (as stated in my article) check with your state regulations.

(R.M. Farms    rmfarms@hotmail.com  734-722-7727  PO Box 684  Dearborn Heights, MI 48127-0684  he advertises in American Bee Journal. You can get a big set of sample labels for $2)"


Bee Culture Magazine: Honey Labels (February 22, 2016)