Rose Hive Swarm Management - Spring Buildup Techniques

As Discussed at Our April Meeting

At our online meeting in April, we discussed pros and cons of various Spring build up and swarm management techniques to keep our hives productive and healthy....and to KEEP our hives!  

One technique discussed was the "Rose Hive" technique.  While the slide show presented at this meeting is no longer available online, there are several good Youtube videos that explain the Rosehive technique.  Several club members have used Rosehive brood space techniques with positive results in preventing Spring swarms.   For convenience, Youtube links to Tim Rowe's "Rose Hive" instructional videos follow:

How to Use the Rose Hive Method - Part 1

Tallest and Strongest Beehives in the World - Using Rose Hive Method - Part 2

How to Make Lots of Bees - Using Rose Hive Method - Part 3